Airinnova is actively participating in EU-funded projects, FP7 and H2020. Participation in such projects helps Airinnova stay in the cutting-edge of the field, develop knowledge-based technology and tools.

  • H2020 AGILE: The AGILE innovation project is granted by the European Commission. AGILE targets multidisciplinary optimization using distributed analysis frameworks. The project is set up to proof a speed up of 40% for solving realistic MDO problems compared to today’s state-of-the-art. The use cases are realistic overall aircraft design tasks for conventional, strut-braced, box-wing and BWB configurations.
  • Prace-SHAPE: SHAPE, the SME HPC Adoption Programme in Europe is a pan-European, PRACE-based programme supporting HPC adoption by SMEs.
  • FP7 NOVEMOR: The aim of the NOVEMOR (NOvel Air VEhicle Configurations: From Fluttering Wings to MORphing Flight) research project is to investigate novel air vehicle configurations with new lifting concepts and morphing wing solutions to enable cost-effective air transportation. A multidisciplinary analysis and design optimization environment developed in an earlier EU Project SIMSAC will be used and improved to include analysis of novel configurations such as the joined-wing concept for improved lift and morphing wing solutions as an integral part of the aircraft conceptual design, rather than just as an add-on later in the design cycle. Such concepts will enable improved aircraft efficiencies, aerodynamic performance, reduced structural loads and lighter weight.