Aerodynamic Design of Aircraft with Computational Software

Designing aircraft is a complicated task which requires multi-disciplines. Aerodynamics is one of the important disciplines that engineers should consider. Airinnova offers higher level educational course for aircraft aerodynamic design, based on book Aerodynamic Design of Aircraft, a Computational Approach with Software (click here to buy), which is written by Prof. Arthur Rizzi and Prof. Jesper Oppelstrup, and is published by Cambridge University Press (2021).

The emphasis in the book is on learning by doing and the doing means computing. Aerodynamic design is a loop of sequential improvements, and the student is very much in the loop to carry out the analyses and come up with creative inputs. Each chapter of the book ends challenging the reader with DIY aerodynamic design tasks, all found here.
Exercises with review questions and analytic derivations help mastering of the material. The computational projects in design are provided together with all software necessary, and tutorials, manuals, and scripts which tie the analysis tools together.

We strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the information on this website before following links or going into details of the software sources. Such home pages contain a wealth of specialized information so it is easy to get derailed from this initial “helicopter view” of the resources available.