Airinnova provides academic education and trainings for master level students and young professionals in aerospace engineering, especially in aircraft design fields. The education is based on the contents of the book, Aerodynamic Design of Aircraft, a Computational Approach with Software, written by Arthur Rizzi and Jesper Oppelstrup from KTH. The software used is a collective software suite, one outstanding among which is CEASIOMpy.

CEASIOMpy is a conceptual aircraft design environment, as the inheritor of CEASIOM, written in Python. Airinnova together with CFS Engineering, is working on developing CEASIOM in different perspectives.

Some of the codes integrated into CEASIOMpy are available at Airinnova’s github:


CEASIOMpy includes the following features:

  • Fast and automatic work-flow for delivering mutil-fidelity physical-based aerodynamic analysis
  • Adoption of CPACS format
  • Enable Aerodynamic Optimization
  • Automatic CFD loop on DLR engineering integration environment RCE
  • Data Fusion

CEASIOMpy is available at Github:


Please refer to the official documentation for installation and usage guides.