Some studies done by Airinnova are shown here.

  • Aerodynamic optimization: a blended-wing-body configuration proposed by EU project MOB is supposed to cruise in transonic speed with cruise CL = 0.3. The original geometry was provided by German Aerospace Center (DLR) and it has significant shock waves. The optimized design has a drag reduction by around 45% for a trimmed flight with the constraints on (1) CL = 0.3 (2) fixed planform (3) preserved wing volume in the central part.
  • Computational aerodynamics
  • “Fast” CFD for aircraft conceptual-preliminary design: Airinnova deliveries “fast” CFDs for various cases in a short time with high reliability:
    • from non-meshable wireframe model to high-fidelity computational results;
    • from standard CAD model to high-fidelity computational results and flight stability analysis